Mexiko & Guatemala - 23 Days
You're going through the route between two countries with a culture particularly influenced by The AZTEKEN and MAYAS volks. Here, the old holy people used to drink their cacao and coffee and dwell mais. Azteken and Mayas used to make their specific bread, the TORTILLA.

You will enjoy the metropolian MEXIKO and GUATEMALA CITIES, The gorgeousness and beauty of the OLD COLONIAL CITIES like OAXACA and ANTIGUA. You will relax in the SOUTH PACIFIC-COAST of Mexiko, with its rich waters, and where you can watch lots of DOLPHINS and WALES and where tourism still has a "laid back" Atmosphere.

You will discover the probably most beautiful tarn of the world, the LAGO ATITLAN with its dominant spring. You will have the opportunity to climb up the sill active VOLCANO PACAYA as well as to visit the 1600 years old RUINS of the World of Maya and the wonderful TIKAL and PALENQUE.

We will visit the biggest VIRGIN FOREST of Central America where there are thousands of different animals such as SPIDER MONKEYS, CROCODILES and PARROTS. Visiting the most beautiful WATERFALLS of Mexico won't be left out.

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Daily Schedule

Day 1:
Arrival to Mexico City is in the evening. In the “Mariachi” Bar we’ll sip on our first mexican beer while we introduce ourselves to one another.

Day 2:
In the morning we’ll visit the historical center of “D.F” the way its inhabitants call their capital.
In the afternoon, we’ll head for the beautiful colonial town of Oaxaca with a first class bus! We can’t leave that part out since this is one of the most beautiful old towns in Mexico.

Day 3:
After a tasty Mexican breakfast, powered with eggs, beans and tortillas, we’ll guide you through the colonial town of Oaxaca and the Market of the town where you can get typical Mexican food like oaxacan string cheese… In the afternoon you will still have time to visit the wonderful old ruins of the olmekas Monte Alban.

Day 4:
Eearly in the morning, we’ll be taking a wonderful ride through the high mountains of the Sierra Madre till we get to the wild pacific coast of Oaxaca; here, we’ll be staying in guest houses opened to the sea with great views. You can also watch the native fishers catching lobster, swordfish, and shrimps which will become as delicious options in the evening’s menu.

Day 5:
First you can sleep as long as you want, you can do whatever you feel like, go swimming, snockeling or enjoy the beach. In the afternoon, you will visit a water lagoon with plenty of wild crocodiles, turtles and many other animals.

Day 6:
Today you will have a very special outing to the sea during which you’ll be able to see dolphins, wales and walesharks

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Day 7:
Before we drive with a first class bus in the highlands of Chiapas, you will enjoy a sun-filled and cheery day at the beach!

Day 8:
The beautiful colonial city of San Christobal de las Cassas is waiting for you. You will discover with our tourist guide the amazing town and the mayan villages surrounding the town.

Day 9:
Early in the morning we’ll head for the marvelous lakes “de Montebello”, A unique world wonder with 30 lakes, each one having a different colour!.
You can still discover the incredible nature by bike or boat. At night, the Mayas will prepare some typical food for you.

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Day 11:
Now you can enjoy the most beautiful waterfalls of Mexico, “Agua Azul”.

Day 12:
After an exciting boat trip, we’ll arrive at the Guatemalian border, then we’ll take advantage of the lake Peten Itza near the ruins of Tikal where we have the posibility of kayaking, swimming and biking.

Day 13:
We’ll spend the whole day in the National Park of Tikal, you will enjoy seeing many animals, and the national guide will show you around the most amazing ruins of all Central America.

Day 14:
You’ll get the hang of the wildlife at the national park Cerro Cahui located near the hotel where you’ll be staying.
At the lake nearby, you will find caimans, turtles and many more species very pleasant to look at.

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Day 15:
A greeny day is necessary for you in Guatemala, the place is called “Verapaces” where there are mystic caves of Lanquin and the amazing waterfalls and pools of Semuc Champey.

Day 16:
After a typical guatemalian breakfast, we’ll head for the national parks for an open air sunny and relaxing day.

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Day 17:
Today we’ll head for the most beautiful colonial town in all Latin America, Antigua Guatemala.

Day 18:
We’ll head for climbing up the still active volcano Pacaya, an amazing adventure!
In the afternoon we’ll discover the mystic colonial town with its 500 year old ruins and its beautiful main square.

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Day 19.
In the morning, we’ll get some fresh fruits from the colourful market of the
town and then head for the Lake Atitlan in the Mayan Highlands.
After a short boat-trip we’ll arrive at the hotel where we can go for a swim.

Day 20:
After breakfast we’ll discover the beautiful villages at the lake. In the
afternoon you will enjoy some delightful massage and sauna.

Day 21:
The last day offers you another highlight, the famous indian market of

Day 22:
Here is your last shopping opputunity in Antigua, after which celebrate the last evening of an amazing journey.

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Travel Schedule
Day / Stay
01 / Arrival to Mexico City
02 / Mexico/Oaxaca
03 / Oaxaca
04 / Oaxaca/Puerto Angel
05 / Puerto Angel
06 / Puerto Angel
07 / San Cristóbal de las Cassas
08 / San Christobal
09 / Lagos de Montebello
10 / Palenque
11 / Palenque
12 / El Remate/Tikal
13 / El Remate /Tikal
14 / Semuc Champey
15 / Semuc Champey
16 / Antigua
17 / Antigua
18 / Lago Atitlan
19 / Lago Atitlan
20 / Lago Atitlan
21 / Antigua
22 / Rückflug
23 / Arrival Back Home

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