Wild Honduras - 14 Days
National Parks - Coral Reefs - Wildwater Rafting - Mayan Ruins - Carebean Islands - Jungle - Trails

Honduras, a central American country between the Carribbean wonderful beaches, TROPICAL RAIN-FORESTS, national parks with a large variety
of animals, MAYAN culture and black GARIFUNAS on the coast.

We’ll start this incredible tour by visiting the ruins of COPAN. After two nights in the beautiful colonial town, we’ll move to the Carribbean coast of the black GARIFUNAS. We’ll visit different national parks and see plenty of animals like crawler monkeys, CROCODILES, MANATIS and birds.
Two nights will be spent at the Carribbean coast in ENSENADA.
During the next five days, we’ll be moving back and forth between the islands UTILA and ROATAN. We’ll be enjoying the most amazing beaches with the best diving and snorckeling spots.
At the end of the tour, there will be a very special adventure: Wild Water Rafting in the rainforest area of RIO CANGREJAL.

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Daily Schedule :

Day 1: Flight to San Pedro Sula. The night will be spent in this tropical town.

Day 2: After a satisfying breakfast, we’’ll drive through the wild mountains in the highlans of the MAYAS to the RUINS of COPAN, a beautiful old colonial town.

Day 3: We’ll visit the amazing ruins near the town. A local guide will explain to you many things about the interesting culture of the Mayas.

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Day 4: We’ll head for the Carribbean coast of Honduras. Here you will notice that the black GARIFUNAS still speak their own dialect.
You will enjoy your beautiful beach-hotel, enjoy your coconut-soup and relax in the HAMMOK.

Day 5: Early in the morning, we’ll drive with boats and kayacs to the hidden village of Garifunas where we can enjoy snorckeling and spend some wildlife.

Day 6: With the ferry, we’ll get to the the island UTILA. There you will be amazed how relaxing it is to enjoy the time under COCONUT-TREES. You will get to know the inhabitants of the island and discover how friendly they are.

Day 7: This day is reserved for snorkeling, diving and fishing.

Day 8: After a brief flight, we’ll reach the island of ROATAN with its incredible white CORAL-BEACHES.
The dinner’s menu has got some fresh fish and LOBSTER.

Day 9: This will be a one-day trip to the most beautiful place in the west bay beach; you can relax in your hotel, and enjoy watching animals like TURTLES, MANTAS and WHALESHARKS.

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Day 10: Today, you can enjoy the wonderful Roatan's beaches, go for a kajaktour or go with the RASTAS for a HIGH-SEA-FISH-TOUR.

Day 11: In this day, we’ll arrive back to the mainland and we get to the Junglelodge of Rio CANGREJAL.
The local guide will take you on a jungle-tour.

Day 12: During this day, we’ll go for some WILD-WATER-RAFTING and kayaking on the wild Rio Cangrejal.
During our last night, we’ll celebrate a nice on CAMP-FIRE.

Day 13: After a short transfer to the airport, we will take the flight back.

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Travel Schedule:
Day / Stay
01 / Arrival to San Pedro Sula
02 / Copan Ruinas
03 / Copan Ruinas
04 / Ensenada/Karibikküste
05 / Ensenada/Karibikküste
06 / Utilla
07 / Utilla
08 / Roatan
09 / Roatan
10 / Roatan
11 / Dschungellodge Pico Bonito
12 / Dschungellodge Pico Bonito
13 / Flight Back
14 / Arrival

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05.02.2017 - 18.02.2017

Price without Flight when you directly order through Mayamundo Tours: 1299,- €
(Flight price is about 800 Euros, depends on season)

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